Ivy Allie

Software Dev

Some of my software development projects.


This is a complete CMS built in Flask. It's designed to serve online comics in a "magazine" format, much like The Nib and similar websites. It supports multiple users, the ability to post comics as "infinite canvas" or with page turns (preloading the next page while you read), and the compilation of posted comics into "collections." Python backend with a whole lotta JavaScript on the front end. It's been successfully deployed to Google App Engine. Open source under MIT license.

Lucaflect on GitHub »


The beginnings of what will maybe eventually be a complete Python library for working with Krita .kra files. At the moment its only function is to extract a flattened image from the file and export it to a different format, but that's pretty useful still!

KritaPy on GitHub »

The Cartoonist's Calculator

A collection of small JavaScript utilities designed to streamline some common calculations needed by cartoonists.

The Cartoonist's Calculator »

This website

This here website that you're looking at right now was all built from scratch in artisinal hand-crafted HTML and CSS, and is generated with Jekyll.

Look at the source code »

Not appearing

Code written for work is not available here, but includes a large number of Python scripts, mostly designed to expedite complicated procedures within Blender. I have also designed and developed static websites and WordPress themes for numerous freelance clients.