Ivy Allie

Webmaster's Pledge

Much of the internet today is infested with pernicious JavaScript, most of it designed to serve advertising, harvest data about you, or both. This is bad for the user and even for the internet itself, often making it impossible for websites to be archived and indexed, and impeding their use over slow connections.

This site uses JavaScript, but only for a few very specific uses, detailed below. But I want to be emphatic on one point: this website is not spying on you. The vast majority of other websites are, in one way or another. But not this one, my friend. It doesn’t even have a hit counter. This site exists for one purpose and one purpose only: to show you some things I made.

In the interest of transparency, here are the ways it uses JavaScript:

How this site uses JavaScript

This site does not and will not

My invitation to you

Let’s all work together to create a new Web on the foundations of the old one. It was good, once, and it can be good again. But only if we discard the practices that made it bad, and start over afresh. Now go build yourself a weird personal website.

For more about “Web 1.1”: