Ivy Allie

Sanity Check 1

Posted 30 Dec 2020

The debut issue of what will hopefully become an ongoing publication, Sanity Check 1 includes two original short stories in over 25 pages of comics, plus a variety of bonus material. The first story, "Of Course, No One Knew", is about the memory of a distant summer dredged up by a DVD commentary. The second story, "The Situation," is about a toad exterminator in suburban Florida who's faced with an ethical predicament.

As of this writing, the comics are not available for free yet, but they can be obtained for as little as $8 via Gumroad. Profits benefit the ACLU Foundation.

Or you can wait and eventually I'll probably post it for free. In the meantime, have some previews:

Sanity Check 1 cover The Situation Of Course, No One Knew