Ivy Allie

The Best Video Essays of 2023

Posted 29 Dec 2023

Drawing of hbomberguy

I'm back once again to render my opinions on the world of the expository YouTube videos. This year's list is shorter than last year's, though whether this is due to trends among the video creators or some aspect of my own psychology I'm not sure. As ever, this is all hugely subjective, and despite the fact that I've framed this as "the best", it's more accurately "videos that I enjoyed." If a particular video's description doesn't sound appealing to you, you can skip it without feeling like you're missing out on something amazing.

As with last year, particular favorites are marked with ★

Enough preamble! On to the list!

Film and Television

Video Games

Cyberpunk 2077

Broken on arrival, for the first couple years of its existence Cyberpunk 2077 was discussed primarily in the context of its disastrous launch. In 2023, the game had been stabilized long enough that we finally started to see some discussion of its actual content rather than its context.

Science and Technology


Inevitably AI was a topic of much discussion this year. Here are a few highlights.


History and Social Issues

Previous Years